My Minds Mine! Letra


Ethos Musick

Letra de My Minds Mine!
[Music: O'Donnell, Lyrics: Yurkiewicz]

Why should I even bother to acknowledge
the pathetic notions of minds without knowledge?
I have been chastised for acting too freely,
but individulism for me is the key, see?!?

Why should I style my pattern of life after those who
bring about only hatred and strife?
I would much rather have a mellow existence of
celebration and productive subsistence!

My Minds Mine!!!

Individuality, creativity, self-mastery... not for you?
Sensibility, originality, responsibility... not for you?
Stability, free mentalities, global harmony... not for you?

Stupidity, live destructively, "self" is all you see... is this you?
Pathetic apathy, christianity, no mentality... is this you?
Spreading misery, no flexability, lost and lazy... is this you?

So in conclusion, let's ignite a struggle for
total transcendence from this confining muddle!
It seems to me simple, just strive for mental freedom,
don't end up like our parents, tranquilized by their stupidity!