Anthropocentric Ecocidal Conundrum Letra


Don't Spare The Green Love

Letra de Anthropocentric Ecocidal Conundrum
Animals destroyed by the life of man.
Greed and anthropocentrism have gotten out of hand!
What kind of persuasion will change man's course???
Technology "progress" makes things worse!
We're looking at nature to see what profits can be turned,
Irrefutable proof of man's destruction but we have not learned!

The planet is contaminated by the way humanity lives!
Think...extinction will be the culmination and it won't forgive!=0BIt =

is too late for saving efforts, or should we wallow in our own =

techno - grime?
So many people satisfied with our culture of negation,
The government acts with hate to silence those voicing their =


It would be blatantly naive to expect a new society overnight, but =

don't take this as a que to sit back,
Every force is needed in this fight for life!!!

Toxic pollutants, chemical waste, precipitation that's acid based,
Industrial sludge and radiation, man - made environmental =

Cancer clusters, cancres seethe, polluted air not fit to breathe,
Two faced scheming administration, spotted owls killed by =