Letra de Columbine 2.0
[Feat. Ron Gilbert of Float Face Down]

I don't know how you found your way here,
But you won't be leaving in one piece.
How many times must I reiterate all of your inconsistencies?
You are fucking hopeless.
If only your mind was open as wide as your fucking legs maybe your life would start to make sense.
I have washed my hands of this.

Don't walk, run.
You better run faster then that.
You better run as fast as you can.

Let me hear you scream.
I want you to beg for mercy.
You will be made an example off.
I only hope the worst for you.

If your lungs were to collapse this very second no one would notice you were gone.
Every person that you let down, they can all hear you scream now and none of them will do a single thing to save you.
If the air in your chest were to cease and you were to stop breathing, I think I could sleep at night, I could sleep at night.
I'll give you the fame you've been begging for when they find your body, you'll be on the news front page.

You have gotten in over your head.
The waves swallow you whole.
You will be forgotten.
This is only the beginning.

I warned you, I told you to start running but you didn't listen so now you will pay the price