Labyrinth Of Lachesis Letra

Exiled From Eden

Frozen Blood

Letra de Labyrinth Of Lachesis
Just obstacles, walls surrounding
The only path leads forward to the unknown
A new junction, new decision
Will define what my future has to offer

A common mistake is to search for the exit
While you're still blinded from the truth
There's no way out of the labyrinth of Lachesis

Another day, nothing's changed
How much wisdom can this place decimate?
Another day, that's all the same
Will continue painting my tale yet again

Don't take my words as a complaint
I'm telling you what I've seen with my own eyes
These are the facts, simple and plain
This world is harsh but also fair for your kind

What does it feel like?
I was abandoned
My prayers unanswered
I thought I would be dead
But then I saw the light
Now you finally feel the walls closing in
Can you honestly say you've never done a sin?

After my time, after I'm gone
Someone else will come to replace
The only path is a circle
History will repeat itself like before