Letra de 1970
And all the people are afraid
Cause Ali's got a punch they say
That'll knock you down, knock you down
Sly's got a family
And all the cat's groove along
To the melody, to the funky beat
And while they don't remember
But it's all to clear
In their 1970 box of dreams
They're crashing cars and callin out the crazies
To set them free
In their 1970 cruising speed
Defying what they're told and being bold
But they don't know...they don't know
That all the world can be a stage
Knieval had an evil day and we all danced on to
The kids spinning drum and bass
Best of all it gave them faith in curiosity
To find destiny
In something they've forgotten
If they'd only steal from their 1970 box of dreams