Letra de Old Mickey
Well I used to see you round
At night
With your long long hair
And your leopard-skin tights

And you wouldn't have known
Until you turned around
That your face
Was molten leather

You thought you had yourself
A watertight plan
We'll go visit
Your current live-in man
We're gunna take his credit card
And all his money too

Well old Mickey
He wasn't supposed to be there
But I tell you, he surely is

Well we should have turned
Should have turned and ran
But you're so busy
Working up a storm

You're pushing him into the walls
You're slapping him around
Well old Mickey
I never wanted to be
Your standover man

Now the neighbours did
What good neighbours should
We can hear the sirens
Coming closer
We gotta get out
We gotta leave right now

You throw your body
Onto a busy road
I pull you back to safety
Bruised and battered

You say
I don't wanna go on
I don't blake you Mickey
No I don't blame you
Goodbye Mickey