Nervousness Never Fades Letra

Excuse 17

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Letra de Nervousness Never Fades
Last night I thought I'd just go ahead and pull my hair out I hate to wait around for failure I'd rather do it on my own Then wait The nervousness never fades This not an invitation For you to crawl inside of me This in not your love song to analyze More like a good sleep remedy This is song I wanted to write About this girl I know But I know you'd all just twist it Into what you wanted me to say And mean You don't know a thing All these things I want to tear Right out of me Like how it matters how I care What people think It's you it's you it's you it's you We've got to get out of here Before it kills us I'm going to put my heart Right on the page and let It bleed right through There's nothing else to do The words, they're eaten all The words The words they want to Eat this up Runners take your places Ready on your marks Gun goes, they're off Runners leave the start I watch you as your run away With part of my heart I'm stuck here at the start You finished with my heart