Hope You Feel Bad Letra

Excuse 17

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Letra de Hope You Feel Bad
forgot to eat today. going to starve everyone away. i starve you out of me cuz you are still a part of me. i'm hungry and i don't know what to do. it still feels the same i am still a part of your fucked up game i eat i eat i starve i starve it nver goes away. don't feel cute today, not sure what cute feels like anyway (this is about me not you but i hope it makes you feel bad) everythings so cute it makes me want to puke i'm starving and i don't know what to do. i'm fucked up is that cute? we're all fucked up is that cute? and it never goes away. didn't want to think about you today i guess i hope this will make it go away, for good. and and while they stuffed themselves she swore she wouldn't swallow air found it hard to breathe so afraid you might swallow me i'm not a part of you can't be your disease