Letra de Judgement Day
A once warm and friendly scene, now cold and callous how it seems. People whom I once called friends, are now my enemies. No allegiance, no devotion, they'll turn their backs and they'll betray. I won't condone this heartless conduct, for it is judgment day. It's the day for confrontation, this outrage has come upon us. They'll walk away and hide their faces, they won't acknowledge our existence. So malicious, time for torture, we'll lead the bastards out to butcher. Annihilation so vindictive, how does it feel, you fucking traitors? I loathe the vile and pleading voices. So much hatred, no compassion. Cast aside your vicious rumors, time has come for your confession. Agonizing truth so common, is someone like you so inhuman. Don't condemn us for our convictions, you brought upon your own persecution