Letra de In Your Blood
Throw your life away. Throw your life away, but don't come to me crying. Ignorance is in your blood, your cries for help I hear, but I'll ignore them. Let the course takes its toll. Go ahead and get on with it. I won't forget it. So mighty, so righteous. I've watched you fall, if you thought I had pity, you were wrong. Forget about the truth, and forget about the lies. Forget about what's said and done with never asking why. And forget about the past, and your future too. Who cares about the things I've said, just let the course run through. Stop you dead in your tracks, your plans will never happen, to infect society with your infection. Broken mind, body, you can't go for. Just who the fuck do you think you are? Martyrs for a cause, but nobody knows what the cause is for. Pushing your views, pushing your views, but these are the views that you won't stand up for