Letra de From Within
I walk a fine line between right and wrong. Searching for answers, not excuses, sometimes I feel alone. Don't want to look to tomorrow. I'll live my life day to day. Some things I've done I regret, but I'll turn away. From you. Wounds have healed, but scars remain, some friends have gone, I feel no pain. Seasons pass, but I have stayed true, to myself. I've proved my faith. Anger burns from within me. I won't suppress, it's what I need. I'll have revenge, just wait and see. Your blood will flow from you to me. I don't know what you want from within. I don't care what you want, from within. I won't turn the other cheek. Compassion for you, won't get from me. Don't look at me, you're for your self. Extinguish your life, go fuck your guilt. Don't wanna see it. Please don't make me see. You try to deceive through the lies I see. Twisting your views to fit your needs. Better off dead, your futures dim. Malice for you, my hate is from within