Forgotten Hymn Letra


Tales Of Tell

Letra de Forgotten Hymn
A fallen time that's bygone
Somewhere in this twilight zone,
Gessler was the blackest son
Got us to the breathing souls

Knights of terror, fear and pain,
Enslave them to the veins,
Preach the words of evil
Time for the confederations

Oath, behind the hills of faith
Together with a judgement tale,
Fight and die in the name of gods,
For freedom (of) this country and guilty the lord
It was the time for the only thing

The confederation oath...
The forgotten hymn!

(I have) often walked in this land before,
One way to the golden ground,
Where honey and milk began to flow,
The heaven began to growl

But now the time will come soon,
The revenge won't be long,
Reflection in the dark of the moon,
(for) the confederations....



This is a forgotten hymn,
Back in a nameless time,
This is the forgotten hymn,
For unity in a hopeful time

Dragons fly,
In the sky through the clouds in the night,
This is Tells revenge
Fight and die,
In the name of the gods
With our blood,
Feel the markmans rage..
...markmans rage... markmans rage

[Classic part]

[Solo part]