Dragongroundalp Letra


Tales Of Tell

Letra de Dragongroundalp
William show me,
The path that brings us to the place,
To the place where the holy
Hunting ground brought something to eat,
Hunting in a holy land,
The animals must understand,
Die for immortality
And for the helvetic gods

Bears and eagles in the sky,
We hunt during the night,
To sacrifice at this hungry time,
They must live to die

But we hear the scream,
Of a man who's hanging on the cliffs,
Take his hands,
The hands they built to help,
We saw Gesslers face,
The mask that takes us to the rage,
Whatever comes whatever is,
My heart is full of pain

And my mind feels like a stone,
And my veins like a frozen tear
Like frozen tears in the winter
We want Gessler to suffer

Welcome to the forest at the dragongroundalp,
The revenge will come, the hungry must begone

[Bridge 1]
Dreams are enslaved in this reality,
Gessler takes us the hunting meat,
Dreams are enslaved in this reality,
He takes us the holy meal

[Bridge 2]
U wird's Bose ewig labe
Kampfe ig bis i Tod,
Warde Gotter mis Labe sagne
U s'Wasser vom See wird rot!!!


.....u s'Wasser vom See wird rot!

Everything that we hunted,
The lord takes greedily,
Into to the castle Zwing-Uri
The treasury of the dark swords
We brought him back
We want him back
To the opposite of the heaven,
Its never too late nowadays,
I am the enemy of the state

[Bridge 3:]
Gage Thron mir kampfe,
Dass mir d'Freiheit choi lanke,
Das muess d'Bestimmig si,
Jo, dass mir d'Chopf nid sanke
Und ds Laba nid verschanke,
Das wird so ewig si!!