Words For A Gone Hero Letra


Haunted Days - EP

Letra de Words For A Gone Hero
Lyrics by: Guerrero, Vargas, Villavicencio

Verse 1

I've wished that night to be just a dream
an ephemeral day that was not real
just wasted ideas that lived in my head
you were leaving my side anyway

laying in a silent stare (hiding my face)
watching your back with nothing to say (to

it's so hard to accept the sorrowful fate
for taking you they've gained my hate

Verse 2

At the first light of that day
I didn't give you a chance to slip away
to bring you something that could not wait
It was that game you taught me to play

I shouted with all my heart (giving you

don't let them take you down don't you dare

to spare
the life of those that want you dead
all I wish to them is hell


between dark, between white
there's only grey now in my life
god please don't take away his light
don't leave me alone through this night


Do you fight
for this land?
for your heart?
or the people
you left behind

Don't let the war
change your law
take your time
with every last

Shot in the night
show your might
it's alright until you're back
Here by my side
and with pride
a hero that comes out of inside

Verse 3

I can not remove those dreams
thoughts invading my mind I hear a scream
with every thought I start to feel weak
things have gotten worse since you're not


I can't control this fear(don't disappear)
I'll write with blood the day you were gone

from here
and count from there every second with

I'll pray that these words can hit your


(Thanks to Vilbel for these lyrics)