Letra de Burning Eyes
Lyrics by: Guerrero, Vargas, Villavicencio

Verse 1
Sneaking through the night
the fear goes away
but the ail
it's never left behind

Because of the deceive
it all turned to pain
and this rain
can't erase blood stains

As I run Into a throng
I can see their eyes
do they know
What feeds all my fear

It burns to feel their sights
there's no place to hide
no control
I set myself aside

Don't ever look back to this
a terrifying dream
so please forget her screams

No this simple can not be
I tore you apart from me
I fall upon my knees

A puddle of water
shows a known reflect
of a murderer
with a demoniac stare
that keeps observing
I can't avoid those eyes replete with hate

As he keeps looking
I recognize my face
my heart struggles
I'm staring at myself
through my sight
I can see the burning flares of hell

Verse 2
Can you still recall her face?
her guilty moans of lust
you ignored her tears to soothe you ache

(Thanks to Vilbel for these lyrics)