Soaking Ground Letra



Letra de Soaking Ground
The call arrived, to fight for the cause none of their own
The choice denied, taken from home, leaving it alone
They won´t see, what lays ahead
When the sun has failed and they are dead

Goodbyes are hard to say
Under the sky of cold and gray

Have you heard the sound of wind
Heard the voices that it carries
You felt the age of the field
Learned the secrets that beneath are buried

No fear, my boys, they say
Marching with the flags of thousand
No fame in the coward´s way
Peptalk before the charge command

Visions from their lives
Passing by their eyes

The voices of souls encaptured
Echo throughout history
Longing for peace to rest
To lay in harmony

Hatred's hollowed their existence
For centuries passed by
Much was paid in blood
Soaking ground makes me cry

Last night around, around the table of love and warmth
The high ground, invincible like a raging storm

Towards the reckless hate
To test your fate