Letra de Megalomania
One Friday morning, I finally found my paradise
When I saw her I knew she'll be my sweet sacrifice
Figure like an angel
So beautiful but so fragile
My mind ice cold, full of burning excitement
Deep eyes outside of her small apartment
Standing behind the window
When she goes asleep

My victims' fears, give me strength
My undying need, the loyal friend

Don't ever try to change what I am
Her future lays forever in my hand
Don't mourn for things that I could never feel
For me empathy isn't real

I could easily take her miserable life away
And when that time comes, it will be true but not today
Those who I left in peace
That's a great gift from me
Every day since I met her life's been sweet torture to me
Divine feeling fills me, I see her crying because of me
On the edge of madness
Oh, this everlasting sickness

"Don't be afraid, cause I'm just a guy from next door"
"Let me in, surrender", let me show you my tenderness"