Reality Bends Letra


Primal Exhale

Letra de Reality Bends
Why has the truth been hidden,
compromised and sold with lies?
You're just a puppet on a string,
yanked in panic and told to die.
Look behind the black veil,
Curtains fall and panes break.
Planets and stars collide.
Gods cry and forget the weak.

Humankind giving birth to death,
killing this we call paradise

Who's to blame? Worlds will never hold hands.
See children slayed, see them fight by command.
It's a shame. We will never see it end.
Look for your heart and reality bends.

Have you seen a blind man crying?
he has seen death gone by.
All his life he's been hiding.
Hidden you can live or die.
Have you seen the new temptation?
Rapists are demanding rights.
They reap down their homenation,
Hiding cause in Task Force Scythe.

A storm will rise and set the weak ones free,
lets them see.
Time will heal the wounds and clear the sky, telling why.