Heart And Home Letra


Primal Exhale

Letra de Heart And Home
Pouring rain is falling down on me
All hope is gone for me
All alone remembering the past
Hoping this picture to last
Many years I've travelled on the path of pain
I have nothing left to gain

Again the rain is falling down on me
My mind screams for horror I have seen
I lose my faith for good
Nothing can light my mood
When I lost my wife my tears I denied
She took my heart when she died

Lost in this time
I can no more deny
No place to go
No heart, no home

Searching for the guidance to know what I'm going to do
I have only time to shed a tear and I miss you
My heart is crying, the pain is burning my veins
I'm hoping someone to unlock these chains

All that I have ever loved is gone
And nothing in my life will be done
But in me the pain remains
Until the day that I die