Letra de The Lullaby Show
Don't spare me a dime, and let me be myself.
My only safety is in danger. 'Cause...
Oh, you discomfort me.

[main part]
Straight from the headline of today's issue.
The multitude of love is going to ensue.
The First thing on my mind is a picture of you.
Oh Damn, why should i love you?

The heavenly truck is coming
Driven with the nicest smile
From the belly of the demon
Darker than the graves

Please show me anything that nice and new
The one that look good from a bird eye view
More than the words that you claim was true
Remember, that's what make my heart blue

I scream, you scream
We're all scream for ice cream
There's no "i" in team
Find it only in your dream
There's sun in the sky
Look that bird is flying high
But there's something in your dream
I dont know what it means