Letra de Landfill
Turn the stars to motorcars
And drive me to the moon.
Sit right back and gag his mouth,
We'll get there really soon.
At the moment you're not sure
Where it is you're meant to be.
Look into the red lines on the map in front of me.

What was that?
What was that you tried to say?
I'm not sure if I really want to know anyway.

Caravans and alien pods are waiting at the door,
Sending signals to my head that bring me to the floor.
I'll drink until I'm comatose
So I can't hear you shout.
Just bury me under a landfill and never let me out.

You're bursting through the galaxy
Like you were bursting though a door,
And taking a break from the day-job,
Cause you can't take no more.
Take my drink and hold my hand,
You can put my cigerette out.
And you can bury me under a landfill and never let me out.

And in semi-conscious state I get myself back to you.
You whisper songs into my ear
And tell me I'm a fool,
That everyone is there for me
But I don't want to see.
And if I'm not careful
Everyone I love will be six foot underneath.