Letra de Tough Mans Touch
You give material
To keep me slave
Your tender loving
When you feel that way
You occupy my body
You play and gain
Your confused emotions
Every bloody day

You tell me lies
And deceive my mind
So now we're all classified
A female as wife
Submitting to man
Subconscious behaviour
Seductive crap

You deal out fear
To keep me in line
Your redundant comments
Insult me all times
Male prestige
Inevitable oppressor
Muscle packed moron
Obnoxious bummer!

You've chained my mind
To permanent roles
To be the sucker
To do what's told
You've raped my mind
Tough mans touch
Someone like you
Had better fuck off!

The womans liberation
Is a womans right
Surviving equally
To chose her own life
Sometimes we're different
Sometimes we're the same
Don't let a woman
Get abused again!