Letra de I Believe In Mother Nature
Mother Earth is being slaughtered
Inflicted then buried under toxic waste
Atomic pollution - apathetic conscience
Man is incapable - man is a threat

And now our mother is getting murdered
By an obsessed creation called man
Superior man slaying nature
Mans mentality is life's stagnation

In all earths years of evolution
She became the foundation of all life
In her soil vegetation rooted
Nature balanced in equal rights

The environment blossomed colours
And all the animals ran free
No boundaries of isolation
Nature gave us true liberty

Obsessed man don't look in my eye's
Don't give me truth because you're telling me lies
Toxic death zones are making us ill
Atomic power will surely kill

Rigorous man solves problems with war
Man created poverty and maimed the poor
He perished peace with assassination
Only to maintain his savage creation

Here lives man in his state of hatred
And now he's trying to kill us all
The time won't come it's already here
Despise mans violent insidious laws

Human existence based on fear
Too much life is suffering here
In mother nature I do believe
Forgive us mother for mans deceit!