Letra de Shell be
why do u love them
they always make u cry
just a glimpse of ur light
would cause them to die

give them in my hand
and I'll make them crawling
before you in the sand
and they?ll praise u as king

oh, they don't deserve you
how can it be r u to blind to see
they?re fooling you
but u just keep on loving
inside my shell I wait and bleed

I'll never desert them
my sons precious blood has set them free
now the curse of sin is broken
do what u don't can ? flee

the spotless lamb?s been slaind
to restore the union
they nailed his feet and hands
now we?re one through him

my children hear my calling
just look at me at their father
they once were blind then they received me
now they see ? I was, am, will be

I've always known ur ways
if evil or if good
you're waiting there and bleed
but that?s not the way it should
be ? ask and it shall be given
without any reproach
just ask and you?ll be receiving
the healing that ur longing for ? of all that is sore