Leafy Tendrils (Part One) Letra

Elysium (Australia)


Letra de Leafy Tendrils (Part One)
Near the edge of the eternal starlight forest eaves
Hidden in the clinging shadows, the lingering one grieves
Awatch this night he is upon the dancing goblins game
Wary of the wispy fire with the strange eidolon flames.

Lurking in the depths of the insipid nevergreens
Amongst the leafy tendrils where mortals have not been
A shadowy figure ponders and sends his thoughts out up above
To try to pierce the branchy tomb and mingle with the dove

The rotting leafy tendrils inside his mind doth grow
Trying to break into his soul they tangle to and fro
Able to bear no longer he breaks from 'neath a tree
Into the circle of goblins, with his staff to flee.

The lone one flies amongst them, but his kind they do not know
They flail their spindly limbs and let air a ringing crow
A nocturnal elder goblin makes a sign with fingers three
And the membranous flailing goblins flap off into the trees

He turns his face into the sky and screams his questions three
Why have the nightful goblins departed to the trees?
What are these leafy tendrils that bring me to my knees?
And where oh where by sky and earth have gone the race that gave me birth?