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Letra de Incarnation Of Logos
No Native soil, no ocean, no salty wave No sky above, no living being, no movement No colours, no elements, no eye to see anything Complete emptiness Before all was nothing? The moon, companion of the sun, touching celestial globe, motionless starry sky The planets don't know where to move They are unaware of puissance and of hope Intrinsic virtues awake! All of a sudden appears a light, horizons open wide Voices fill the air And The Gods Made Love! The layers tremble and raise in staggering And words transform into flesh and blood The act of uppermost magic has begun Impulses working on and on Movement here and there Vibrations Move The Atmosphere! Transcendental forces penetrate The planet we call Earth And all spheres of the universe All the elements burst! A warm powerful breeze inspires inanimate matter And a creature, shaky reeling on two legs Extends it's hands shivering against the sky Primary Procreation Is Accomplished! MAN arises out of dusty clouds Eyes are staring all around Ears are noticing unknown sounds Legs are pounding on the ground Now Man knows he's not alone So his hands take up the stone Anxiety to hold his own Fighting for the creatures throne Man forms tribes to enlarge his chance To survive the primeval living-dance The strongest ones fight for leadership And by these fights they attain the grip On the weaker ones who become suppressed By their violence So are we possessed by the same ideas In a world that's full of fears and tears And progresses