Letra de God's Gift
(verse - dwayne)

young kid with intentions to make it big,
out here in the world but the world seems like it's rigged.
but he still never doubt himself,
cause even if they never heard his words can always tell him about himself.
he stays up every night just trying to write a rhyme,
baggy eyes half sleep don't worry bout the time.
he only wants to finish a song,
he had a dream the same night of labels putting him on.
woke up the next morning from a short sleep,
looking at the stats it's a short steep.
he thought the song he made would make him blow,
but tonight he'll just write what sounds even better than before.
he believes in chances in the world,
but he's never taking chances with a girl.
cause every time he tries something goes wrong,
and all he can do is write about it in a song and move on.
he treats his verses like a journal page,
besides that he's broke he never earned a wage.
no job no money he had a tight wad,
back when he was writing verses on his ipod.
he's praying my god i wanna go far,
i think you for these talents i've been given so far.
and i thank you in advance for the days coming up,
and i thank you for these skills that just made me a buck.
he said to himself i know i'm nothing without you,
and lord i never will doubt you.
so i'll keep rapping the truth,
cause i know that i'll amount to something.
amen in his name amen,
in his prayer feeling like he's a new changed man.
he's feeling like he's destined for the fame but hey man,
i thought to make the game you got to keep on waiting.
so he moves on school starts he sees a chick,
at the game she's asking him for his number quick.
cause he's bout to leave woke up the next morning and she hit him up,
saw the name and hit her back and he said what's up?
she asked if he was going to homecoming,
he said yeah knowing he was going with no women.
he said why do you want to go with me?
she texted back fast saying yes that's fine with me.
he's like okay i'll see you soon,
next day she sat with him in the lunch room.
he froze up cause in his mind he knows what she's gonna do,
but he plays it safe and continues to keep his cool.
two days after she said that she caught him cheating,
he said first we weren't dating and second where did you see it.
she said it doesn't matter cause she saw the proof,
and they kept trying to solve it just to make a truce.
later on they were fine but they blew up again,
she said she heard about him again from her friend.
claimed he asked another to the dance,
when he went to the game he took his momma ring and put it in her hands.
there was a crowd around screaming she had no choice to no,
she said yes but he knew she didn't know just cause she said so.
two days later she came back and gave the ring back,
she said she want to go with someone else what made her think that.
he thinks back and remembers how kind of a man he was to her,
but in this life the nice guys aren't the ones to steal the love from her.
so now he's back to rapping about girl problems,
back to rapping about coming straight from the bottom.

but he remembers the love that god sent,
his talents will always be a big one of god's gifts.
so he remembers the love that god sent,
his talents will always be a big one of god's gifts.

(Thanks to Demarko for these lyrics)