David Kelley, TV Warrior Letra


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Letra de David Kelley, TV Warrior
Da-vid Kelley is a television great hope.
Wri-tin soaps like McBe-al and Chicago Hope
I mean, he's got the flavor, all the ones you can decipher
- He's married to Michelle Pfeiffer
I wish that I were David Kelley, 'cause he's so unstoppable
Heck, he'll do a pile driver, anything is possible
He ain't the one who ends our visits like a dream?
He could write a comedy or a drama

One day Da-vid Kelley got a vision and hell, he
Decided he would go and write a movie too.
The studio made the film and the studio got fucked
'Cause it was called Lake Placid and it sucked.
That's why he ended up writing for TV
Very good news to all of you or me,
'Cause you see, he went and made a difference every way around.
That's why I say he's the goddarned man!

David's back with a video show,
TV airs tonight another David Kelley show,
Fill the channels up with him, what do you know,
David Kelley's name again the man's out of control,
'Cause when you try and watch TV and then your body hits the floor
David Kelley calls the undertakers to the door
I wish I had that discipline, my head gets out of control,
That's why David Kelley's rich and the rest of us are poor!