Letra de So Scandalous
My heart is like a shotgun kickin' out barrels like a mobster.
Between me and you, I've been set up. I'm a patsy, It was so dirty.
Fingerprints and DNA we're in for it, guilty for being an easy sucker.
I dont want to kill her, but I gotta, cause i've been hired.
So say goodbye to her.
Tape over the mouth, arms tied to legs and her chair begins to shake, as she realizes her fate

Oh no, its not what you think.
I've never done this before.
But every single breath I breathe knocks me straight to the floor.
This time, I'm coming down with more.

Her voice is like the sunlight, breakin' the night, she's erasing my mind.
I have no strength, she can put me in her arms with the blink of her eyes.
Which are golden and have me tranquilized, I'm seeing double, and I like both sides.
Why do I do this everytime.

Our hands are like a radiotor, this is one cold winter.
Burning up and the rattling kicks.
The little hairs on my neck stand sooooo tall.
She blossoms like the colors of the leaves in the fall.
Wait, take two steps back dont let her whispers attach.
She's got a way of misdirecting, everything.