Discovered Your Arms Letra


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Letra de Discovered Your Arms
So this is my song,
I'm turning myself in.
I'v been charged with murder,
for killing this relationship.

Sorry I'm so straightforward.
I usually hide things in synonyms,
but today I feel like an astornaut.
I've discovered the world chosen your arms.

So hold me like you never have.
I'm fragile, not for guilt,
but for protection from falling apart.
I've been shipped overnight to your heart.

Sorry it makes no sense.
I just can't get you out of my head.
Take one step forward and I promise I'll handle the rest.

Do the math,
it should add up to a chance.
One which I would like to take.
But you're like a blindfold to me.
I've lost complete direction.
I lost my grip on perception.
I just want to grace your lips.