Letra de Tired Voices
Somehow I knew I'd find you here
I speak to stop you
But you won't hear me
Somehow I knew it'd end up just like this
Somehow I knew that you would leave me

If this is goodbye
Then I don't want tonight to end
I miss your eyes
I cannot see when you close them
Now caress your smile
With my own, these parted lips
As you move to speak
And a tear from my eye drips

Do you think we could sit in silence tonight (?)
Alone together
Just for tonight
I'm so tired
Let's rest for awhile
And for once, I could smile

If this is goodnight
Then I don't want the sun to shine
I'd freeze it all tonight
To find just one way to keep you mine
Now reach out my hands
To join yours in gentle embrace
It's picture perfect
Perfect lips on a perfect face

I'm so tired