Letra de You And Me
You And Me
You disappoint me with your ignorance and your lies
Your self-righteous points of view are what I despise
The way you judge the world is a pity and a shame
Who the fuck are you to think that people should be the same
As you, you know you're not the only person in this world
Don't stand so close to me the smell of your shit might make me hurl
When you're wrong you think you're right
You think you're smart but you're as bright
As a burned out light bulb because you can't see
The light of truth is in you and me!
You and me, you and me, just think of what we can do
If we put our minds together we can work our way through
All the problems in the world that we all find
In common with each other, an agreement by mankind
Morals within each one of us to exist and to survive
Not lying, stealing, or cheating just so you can thrive
I'm not trying to judge you all I'm trying to say
Is to let people live their lives
And have a nice fucking day!