So-long Suckers Letra

Dirty Bird

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Letra de So-long Suckers
Fuck you for coming out we hope you hated it
If you bought some merchandise we hope you think it's shit
Our T-shirts come 'by the pound' and fade out in the wash
And if we are too drunk to play we couldn't give a toss!
'Cause sometimes we like to fuckin' - Drink
And sometimes we like to fuckin' - Rock
And if we can't play because we're - Drunk
Fuck you - Fuck you - That's fuckin' - Punk!
And we're life-long suckers
There are snacks in the cafeteria so why not come hang out after the show
Alright the joke is over and now it is time to go... straight to see ya!
Take me back to Chambley Jimmy! ... Haaa ... So long Suckers