Letra de Incast
I can't understand why anybody would want to look like me
And now that punk has caught on, And now we're all supposed to get along
But it's hard to change habits, and I've outcasted myself such a long time ago
And here you are, trying to be cool by being 'in' with the outcast group
But it doesn't work, 'cause I just don't like you
You say that you've got, all the same ideas and beliefs as me
But I've got a piece of news for you, you don't know shit 'cause ya don't know me
You like the same bands as me, but so what does that make us instant friends
If fashion laws were ever enforced, you'd be facing a life sentence without hope of parole
And I still don't like you, 'Cause I'm just not cool
No I'm just me, and your not an outcast
No, you're just an incast, incast, incast, INCAST!
Don't you fuckin' get it, I don't want any friends if the friend is you
My friends are cool, because they're not trying to be something they're not
What kind of introvert, wants to be an extrovert in an introvert crowd
What the fuck is your problem, haven't you learned how to make friends with yourself
No your not an outcast, your just an incast.... and we're not the same!