Letra de Slow Down Sister
Slow Down Sister Video:
Go to the woman like a switchblade knifeBaby says we're gonna break the law tonightOoh...if your daddy could see you nowRock'n'Roll rebel on a jailbreak runThis operator but a little high strungThere's one in every crowd You got coming to you,it happensevery timethat's what you get for a life of crimeYou got it coming to you, if you cross the line And you can't back up, when the going gets toughAnd if you fly that high you'd better get some...Slow down sister, you're burn, burn, burnin', at the speed of lightBetter slow downsisterPut on tile brakes or you won't get through the nightShe don't love you, gonna shoot to thrillI tell you that little girl's kiss could killShe got me standing on a one way street Can't break the chains, the ties that bindSlave to the rhythm and my heart's in timeBeware the taste is bittersweet When the lights go down, and you hit the groundIt'll happen so fast,.... Slow down sisterI said look out now, danger in a little girl's eyesSlow down sisterWell you're gonna find out there's trouble in paradise..that ain't nice...You'll never stop... your butterfly ball....in the black, you think you've done it allCome on now baby, you know it's trueYou want all the money and the price of fameRide to glory on another man's nameNow there's a lesson here for youYou'd better slow down sisterI said look out now, there's danger in a little girl's eyesSlow down sister, slow down ,slow downWell you're gonna find out there's trouble..trouble in paradiseI said slow!