Letra de A Symphony At The Wake
Why’d you bring me into a world of all things bad?
The good don’t succeed here.
We ventured into no man’s land with a plan to change the universe.
Cursed with hope and dreams that will later develop into fortune.
I see these artists and hear their songs,
But they don’t capture what you see, do they?
They don’t bring to life what you’ve been wearing on your sleeve since you developed the sense of character.
I’m talking about heart.
And how we’ve come too far to let the world end without a fight.
There’s an old religion being formed,
With the temple holds candles and no shoes beyond the entrance, sort of
Echoes around the sanctuary walls
White roads, constant tennons and a place where the Virgin Mary dwells.
These celestial of new truths that came with the mission,
To show the world that Jesus is not God, so, please, stop worshiping Him
And impostor parlors and impostors in the house of Christ.
Moses was greater than Jesus, because Moses was a prince and Jesus was a carpenter
Moses was a Sheppard and Jesus was a lamb
I am a Z from Planet Z, messenger of Z 11, a new zodiac
And this, this is Jerusalem.