Letra de Facing West
Scorched earth, a ravaged land-
imagined splendor defaced by scalding.

The ghosts of hollow words-
a mirage of dreams,
then the innermost fades away.

Blinded by what can't be seen.
Crushed by what will never be.

Empty wavering gleam-
desolate mindscape, vision clouding

In deep-
losing self-control-
the will implodes and they are lead to a living grave.

Acceptance of mere dreaming,
dissonance unresolved.
Life obscured from real meaning-
exchanged for the beyond.

Kneeling down before the sun's horizon
they pray that someone,
something listens to their cries.
In obedience to a non-existent shadow that covers thinking,
eclipsing thought and wasting minds.

Mumbling to themselves with their heads bent down,
prostrate in the dirt.

Grim absurdities of a primitive creed,
praying for death to the world.

A paradise of rape is the imagined place
they think they go when they die.

Ministry of hate to the apostate,
self-exploded funeral pyres.