The Cancer Of Cowardice Letra


This Mortal Flesh

Letra de The Cancer Of Cowardice
[Lyrics by Filip Lasseel]
[Adaptations by DeathKnight]

Blood that spilled on our land
From traitors that scarred my soul
Brave men who did support my stand
You rotting cowards left me on my own

With covetous eyes
I drink your battle cries
The blood on my sword is dry

Deserted on a field
Betrayal in their eyes
My dream has been sold out again
They left me there to die
Night is coming soon
By my sword
Revenge will mark this day

Help me on my feet
Got me on a horse
Nurse the wounded, bury the dead
I will ride again
One day I will be free
We'll kill this cancer eating our land

I followed the craven
Across the fields
With blood ignited in my eyes
No one will save them
They will concede
Defeat as I watch them slowly die