Win Or Die Letra



Letra de Win Or Die
[Lyrics by Filip Lasseel]

I'm the knight in black
I sweep the field clean for you
I'm the one they tend to call insane

I'm a fierce attack
I lead the armies for you
I'm the one out fighting for your name

I'm a sideshow act
My cuts and scars disgust you
Countless battles have deformed my face

I'm a Satan's pact
My heart's been cut out, bled dry
Sleepless night have made me see your ways

I have protected you
Devoted my life to you
I've been your confidant and friend

I handed you glory and fame
I gave you everything and I
I've had enough
Enough of your "win or die"

I'm a freak at night
Children are afraid to be near me
Even my own kin's filled with dismay

I avoid the light
Eternal darkness thrills me
No one cares about my soul, my pain

I'm the beast of might
And as a beast you treat me
All I ask for is to break these chains

I was created to fight
You made a monster of me
I renounced my oath and I broke my blade

Now I'm coming for you
You don't think I'm human
I got a mind, a body and a soul

You won't see this through
This hour of retaliation
You've done this to me long ago