Think Fast (Can't Stop Me When It's Crunch Time!) Letra

Crunch Time

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Letra de Think Fast (Can't Stop Me When It's Crunch Time!)
It's like I'm always stumbling over my own words.
I can't even get out what I wanna say,
So I sit there like an idiot with a smile on my face.

But I know when it comes down to the line, I wont fuck up, cuz I'm nasty when it's crunch time.

You can't always use old ways to get to new things,
So you better rethink that game plan and the poser style you bring.

Just don't even try cuz you can't stop me when it's crunch time.
Ya'll better think fast!

Lockin' Out is the illest. Check it!
When it's crunch time I'll step up and wreck it.
We're Crunch Time, from Boston, we got the straight edge on lock!