Letra de Prejudice
These men bought by prejudice
their laws not made for justice
their live, i want no part of this, your death , dig your
own grave or go your own way
who are these men running with guns
what pleasures do they find as death comes
idiots they walk our streets
take a body count,are your figures complete
governments don't care they make no
ten tons for eac, take no ultimatumn
how will you feel, the proud falther of a corpse
bearing children with
no chance for survival
for the architects of hate
they build their cities upon ignorance and prejudice

technologies and advancements are created to squander lives
from them there's no place to run
nowhere to hide
live and die that can't be wrong
they'll see you dead before too long
their treacherous ways to get at you
atrocities are
still committed, they hide the truth