Letra de Seduced By Chaos
When night rises the immortal veil
And the light creeps anxiously away
Then his time has come
The time of the creator
The time of the destroyer

Cursed may you be
You, who don`t want to believe
You, who don`t want to obey
Your weak souls won`t survive

His might is unfathomable
Too great for your deplorable minds
For your weak spirits
Bow down or die

Hate will creep into your soul
Destroy the love in you
Blackness will cover you
You can`t defend yourself

Your resistance is useless
Your soul will burn
Burn to be purified
Purified from light and warmth
Which has been given to you by your so called god

But where is he now, when you need him?
You have been left by your savior
This god of lies which you have bowed to
The enslaver which you have worshipped
-Where is he now?-

He won`t hear your screams
Nobody will hear them
Your screams of endless agony
Your waiting for mercy
You`ll be reborn in darkness
Seduced by chaos you`ll wander around
As creatures of hate
As disciples of the real king
The horned one
Hail Satan

Hate will creep

When night rises

Beyond good and evil
Beyond the mind