Open The Cosmic Gates Letra

Crucified Whore

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Letra de Open The Cosmic Gates
Five serrated pentagramic magic
Deep within the soul of man

A devotion to baphometic aeons and future
blasphemic chaos
An Epitome of dreams
But will my questions be answered?
May my earthly existence be buried
Beneath the northern Emisphere
To lurk behind the wall of innocence

To profane the white cathedral for milleniums
and eternaly...

Open the cosmic gate
To see the universe through different eyes
Descending into the realm unlimited
Where mind and flesh departs

A servant I am but also a king
But nothing is like it visual seems
In this cosmical darkzoneaura
Where fire and frost unite and the beast is waiting
Behind the curtain of Illusions

Keys are carved in ancient stone, but who marks?
A transcendental supreme reign
In this moment beyond all limits
A step towards dimensional destination

What waits on the other side?
Did they behold your essence?
A stardecrystalizing galaxis
Far beyond the known
The structures of eternity carried by the starwinds
Fragments of a higher kind
Lost in the void of the universe
Unhollowed I dwell in outer space

For sins and plagues I bleed
Walking through the pathway to the world
Where the black star rises
But did I follow or did I lead?
Shadows cover the landscapes
And the darkthrone is claimed
A last dawn is passed
And the equelibrium no more exists

Waiting for the arrival of the coming race
A new quintessence they bring
From the nightrealm they travelled
Once they closed the gates
But will they open them again?
My yourney ends where it began
In the infinity of my thoughts...