Letra de Of Dark Angels
Sacrificed by demons I consume sulfurous air
My blood seeps away in this unholy soil
Drowned in profounding ecstasy to summon conspiracy
Spells of the underworld cursed my fate

Riders of the dark sky descend towards his palace...
Where dimensions are unreal
Where black angels walk the path of armageddon
Where the sign of the harbingers sparkles in the night

A journey when stars collide
A journey through a millenium of sin and death

Devils sword at witches side
Spheres of darkness assume the heaventhrone
Dark ages are announced
Arrival of the war kings has begun

Looking through the window of events
Blood covers the world and stardecomposing remains
Dying sun appears
The empire of the beast rises from the ashes

A dream of perfection kisses my soul
As long as I can remember his domination
Of mighty kingdoms and magical nights
He shall last forever

Forgotten are the centuries of lies
Begotten is the son of wrath
Behind the mask of appearances conceals our victory

A guiding flame at dawn
To gather the ancient race of thou
Nor the shade of god can stop his command
I drown myself to summon again...