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Letra de Through being crucial
How does it feel when you kiss him?
Do you feel anything at all?
I get sick just reminiscing, two years wasted it was not my fault.
And all the trees have lost their leaves, no more melody,
the Sun just doesn't shine for me.
And I might be overreacting, but I don't take "I love you" lightly.
What if I told you I was made of gold? Would that give me any worth?
Just sitting here and waiting for your call,
I'm always waiting, I'm still waiting,
For someone to come around and knock me off my feet, but that probably wont happen.
I'm tired of today. I'm tired everyday. And I'm tired of being so tired.
So I loved you, well I loved you more.
Sitting on my back porch wondering what I did wrong, what the fuck could I do wrong?