Letra de Look Up, Look Out
This all seems familiar
Have we been here before
Look up, look out
It's what these nights are all about
What happened to the kids we used to be
What happens next

I took my time
Held every moment in my mind
The setback, the sun was on time
If only there was time
To take back the night
We'd fight back you know we'd FIGHT BACK

Pull down the sky
For you and I tonight
Take control
And we'll never need a minute back

Pull down the sky
For you and I tonight
Just make sure that the timing is right
And I'll keep the moment safe in...

I'll keep it safe inside (safe inside)
Just like the moon and stars will hide the sunrise
That's where you can find me
Til my hands let go
But I won't let go

Every morning
The sun will shine the same
And every single night
These eyes will find their way
Back to, the only place they know
The only place that they could ever close
But until then,
I'll wish that I could

I won't stop
til I know you're safe and sound
And this kid could