Here's One For The Kid In The Back Letra

The Crosstown Rivalry

History Is Just His Story - EP

Letra de Here's One For The Kid In The Back
Does the sky have stars to spare
Because I can't stand to stare
At something so distant
A dream so close
It seems, just reach out and pull one down

Too hot, too hold
Our wishes we let go
Too hot, too hot
To hold

Just when the night has slipped the light from the skyline
And you see
What makes life so tempting
With what could be
Always fleeting and it is leaving
Cold and silent, here for the moment
That keeps you hoping that all is well
You need this much more than I can tell

Here we stand, so confident for tonight
As I hold you oh so tight
Here we stand, so infinite
Don't you forget what brought us here

If you don't believe
Then look outside your window when
The inside has brought you down
And there's no sound
To calm you, to need you
I'm always around

We face our dreams with scars and stone faces
To keep our fragile hearts from breaking
So keep us close, you're not alone
The sound of your voice makes us come to life