Penny For Your Thoughts Letra

Crosstown Rival

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Letra de Penny For Your Thoughts
It was Saturday night everything was right
You look like a star set in the sky
I wish and wonder why you're not with me tonight
Your minds set off into time
How can you be so blind I'm standing right here behind
Come have a taste of what you're miss'n
You're off and wish'n but its not me you're kiss'n
Your emotions are the calm before the storm
And I am, To you, Something that you love to abuse, And I know, In me, A penny's all you see
Someday, You'll learn, When the tables do turn, On you You'll know, My heart's all I want you to know
So I hope that I can refresh your mind
And tell you what you want to hear
Cause when you're near I've got nothing to fear
You're everything that I need
So it's to you I plead please stay with me
Ill hold you close all through the night
I know I'm right and I know that I'm right
You're what I need all of time