Letra de Stop You
To sleep, perchance to dream
Only when my nightmares come
Seeing things that can't be real
No, no, not again I must learn to block out
All the things I'm seeing now
Help me, please, can't you, Snape
Or are you just breaking me more?

Why must you show me these?
Why must you torment me?

I can't stop this
She says I like this
I don't want this
Take these visions away

Give me one night's sleep
That's all I want for now
I don't want to see the murder
Of those I love once more again
If only I can finally see
Just once more what you're showing me
I'll take the pain and if I need to
Stop you, stop you, stop you

Why can I see into you?
Does this mean you can see through me?
I don't know what this means, although I'm afraid
I'm much more like you than I care

I'm tired of waking up screaming
So sick and drenched with sweat
I know I need to learn to block
But only after I take you down