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"The Fruits Of Ill Virtue"
Some people make a habit of sucking livelihood out of their fellow humans.
Everything they have is a profit gained at the expense of their peoples
misfortune. This song is about these people. Andy

"A Serenade For The Tragic"
Your feelings interface totally with your actions. Ruled by your emotions
and intermost desires, you live a life both catastrophic and divine. Mark

"Suffer The Shadows"
One look back; one regrets; and consequently one dies...
beautiful it isn't. Andy

"The Way Of All Flesh"
This is the song about emotional union; about understanding;
and above all, about loving someone. Andy

"Chinese Whispers"
If there is truth at the heart of mankind's beliefs, then the passage of
thousands of yearly surely have hidden it behind error, rumour and
misunderstanding. Strip away the layers of confusion and you shall find
the truth. Mark

"Soon Ripe, Soon Rotten"
We never listen and so we'll never learn. Society, the apple of our eyes,
is rotten to the core and is ripe for disposal in a universal garbage bag.

"Gather The Shattered"
A person takes an act that disintegrates him, thought by thought, down to
a primal level. As he then pieces his mind back together, he hopes that
both his mind and his soul will be the better for it. Mark

"My Soul Frayed Bare"
This about loving someone. Mark